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Educations programmes, and primary and secondary prevention

The Campus includes a series of programmes focused on assessing and preventing, as well as paid courses taught by medical and paramedical personnel from the non-profit Istituto Pio XII in Misurina, designed specifically to allow children and adolescents and their families to:

  1. Rely on a specialised diagnostic laboratory to assess the pathology in a detailed, precise manner
  2. Improve the way in which the illness is managed and the prescribed therapies carried out
  3. Learn respiratory rehabilitation techniques

The activities included in the “Campus for Breathing” were designed for:

  • Children/adolescents (and possibly their families) who, due to genetics or other risk factors (like living in an area with high levels of pollution), require a clinical assessment to verify respiratory functionality
  • Children/adolescents clinically stabilised (secondary prevention), for follow-up assessment, physical activity, self-management courses for respiratory illnesses, and verifying the correct application of therapies.

Within the Campus it is possible to choose from the following opportunities:

Primary prevention – breathing check-up


Education – Secondary prevention

“A WEEK FOR YOU” – Week for self-managing asthma
“DI CHE ASMA SEI” / “WHAT’S YOUR ASTHMA” – Assessment of the child/adolescent’s respiratory condition
“WEEKEND DEL RESPIRO” / BREATHE EASY WEEKEND Two days at Misurina for families and children with asthma, learning to breathe


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