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Financial Statements 2014/2018 – Pio XII Institute


The Mission of the PIO XII Institute as defined by the president (PRE) can be summarised as follows:
“Offer asthmatic children a place to stay at high altitude that can guarantee a period of remission from their respiratory illness, eliminating or reducing the need for a pharmacological treatment”.
Our quality policy establishes that, consistent with the company mission, the management of all company processes must be governed by the application of rules outlined in the Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

This system governs the organisational and technical activities of the whole organisation in a systematic, planned, documented way, aimed at achieving the following purposes:

  • Continuous improvement of the methods for managing processes, to consistently achieve improving qualitative and quantitative results;
  • The achievement of a high level of effectiveness and efficiency in providing care services and the rehabilitation of infantile asthma.

Reaching the objectives through the Quality Policy will be possible through the scrupulous, accurate application of the provisions contained in the Quality Manual, which defines and describes the quality management system adopted by the Pio XII Institute. The Institute’s Executive Management, specifically the President (PRE) and the Chief Scientific and Medical Officer (DSS), is committed to the full implementation and continued evolution of the Quality Management System, with the goal of consolidating and improving the Institute’s image, together with the commitment and professionalism of all company personnel.

So that the Company Quality Policy can be fully realised, the Institute is committed to:

  • Providing users with services that are effective and in compliance with requests and the requirements outlined in the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Describing the company’s services in the quality manual and providing a service with a guarantee of quality.
  • Guaranteeing the personal safety and training of employees and consultants.
  • Preventing non-conformities that can damage our image and operations.
- Identifying and examining non-conformities to improve the applied quality system with appropriate
 corrective actions.
  • Ensuring that the guidelines of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard are applied and maintained over time.
  • Implementing the applied quality system to provide an “excellent” service.

The representative of management (RDD), who will be the chief scientific and medical officer (DSS) of the Pio XII Institute, has the responsibility of managing the quality system, preparing the Quality Manual and making sure it is implemented, guaranteeing:

Uniformity of the application of the company quality policy, formulated to be consistent with the company mission.
  • Controls through extensive inspection audits of all internal management areas, to make sure that the provisions of the quality management system are applied, maintained, and improved.
  • The coordination among company managers, customers and their families, certification entities for quality management and management of other cogent systems.

The QMS, realised according to the application of the Quality Manual and documents referred to therein, is managed in compliance with the pertinent regulations. It is the responsibility of the management (PRE) and the Quality Manager (RGQ) supported by the Assistant (AGQ) to evaluate and adopt all the organisational and technical measures that they deem necessary for maintenance over time of the Quality Management System.

The Institute intends to fulfil its mission by implementing the following POLICIES:


Children have a right to the maximum possible level of health with the best level of assistance possible. They have the right to be assisted in a complete manner. All personnel of the PIO XII Institute, besides offering “healthcare”, “take care” of the children and their families, combining specific aspects of socio-medical healthcare with loving charity, reawakened every day by the children’s sickness. Our institute is committed to promoting health and preventing sickness through education and socio-medical assistance. It is also committed to constantly updating its professional skills to reach scientific and technical levels of excellence.


Children have a right to continuity in their care. The Institute ensures that the patient will be admitted by a team of doctors, nurses, instructors, and clergy, who will follow the patient through the internal socio-medical and educational programme
MOD. 01.1 Company policy rev. 02 Page 3 of 4at the Institute and even after discharge. Promote and maintain a cooperative relationship with the family and local facilities, to guarantee continuity in therapy and assistance. Personnel are committed to helping children and families to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the illness on their own as much as possible.


The Institute guarantees proximity of the family or another person of reference, compatible with organisational and clinical needs. Personnel are committed to maintaining and developing significant human relationships with the young patients.


The children have a right to be protected in their physical, psychological, and relational development. The Institute guarantees continuity in the socio-medical, educational, and scholastic programme, the latter either through the school located in Cortina d’Ampezzo or other nearby facilities.


The children have a right to be considered people, to be treated with sensitivity and comprehension, respecting their privacy. All the personnel of the PIO XII Institute are committed to calling the children by their names, and respecting their cultural identity and religious faith. Each patient receives a personalised approach, maintaining sufficient space for attention to the needs of the children and their family members. The Pio XII Institute is committed to creating conditions that guarantee respect for the discretion and privacy of the children and their families.


Children and their parents have the right to be informed in a manner that is appropriate for their age and level of understanding. Personnel will inform parents and children about health conditions, the medical, educational, and social programmes that children will participate in, using easy to understand language and spaces, time, means, and communication tools that are appropriate for each case.


Children have a right to be involved in diagnostic and therapeutic decisions that involve them. A series of progressively aware approvals/disapprovals in relation to the children’s maturity will always be sought, also and especially through family relationships. Clinical and basic studies on children can only be performed if approved by the local Ethical Committee, and they are always bound to the consent of the parent or guardian.


Children have the right to be subjected to diagnostic and therapeutic operations that are less invasive and less painful. Operators at the PIO XII Institute pay special attention to the suffering of children, even if not expressed, bearing witness of their Faith and combining professionalism and loving participation. All personnel are dedicated to providing human support to the children and their families to prevent the onset of pain, to reduce its intensity to a minimum, and take all the actions necessary to contain situations of fear, homesickness, anxiety, and stress. The PIO XII Institute guarantees that the children will not be subjected to useless or damaging diagnoses or therapeutic treatments.


Children must be protected against all forms of violence, abandonment, and physical and moral negligence. The PIO XII Institute maintains professional confidentiality during and after the stay. Where necessary, it will notify the pertinent child-protection services for any negligence or psycho-physical and/or moral abuse of children or risky situations. It guarantees close cooperation with family member, local social services, and religious organisations to provide support to children in need.


Children have a right to be assisted, maintain their dignity, and always receive respect in any case. Institute personnel are dedicated to defending the health and quality of life, to provide care that alleviates suffering, and not insist with useless diagnoses and therapies. During their stay at the Institute, children will always be accompanied and assisted, together with their families, by doctors, nurses, clergy, and psychologists who know how to combine care with intense human participation. Socio-medical and religious personnel will take care of the children and their families even after the stay, as part of the policy of continuity of assistance and help.


The Pio XII institute provides a public service. This activity is based on principles sanctioned by the directive of the Prime Minister dated 27 January 1994.