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Pio XII Institute is a specialist Centre for the diagnosis, treatment and management of childhood asthma in hig altitudes, that operates under the Italian National Healthcare Agreement. Its building overlooks the scores of Lake Misurina, (1756 m), nestled amidst the beautiful alpine scenery of the Dolomites, just a few kilometres from Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma

L’ISTITUTO PIO XII - Centro di diagnosi, cura e riabilitazione dell’asma infantileOur mission is to provide excellent clinical care and training, by putting asmathic children and teenagers at the heart of everything we do, trying to be always welcomeing, helpful and expert. The entire team of the Pio XII Institue is trained to attentively care for the children and families, and to meet their needs during  their stay in Misurina. Extraordinarily short waiting times and a multidisciplinary team approach allow us to rapidly detact patients through diagnostic test and provide families with concrete support in the daily management of the disease. Thanks to a highly competent health care team and a cutting- edge respiratory Physiology Laboratory we are able to run the following diagnostic test:

  • Assessment of respiratory function
  • Allergy diagnostic
  • Evaluation of airway inflammation
  • Screening of associated diseases

This are our greatest strengths; suitable and healthy living conditions and an ideal environment contribute to the health and well-being of children with asthma and allergies.

Misurina favourable climatic conditions for the well-being of asthmatic children

High altitude and its typical vegetation, together with low humidity and exposure to the benefical effects of ultraviolet  radiation provide the ideal environment, which offers a considerable reduced exposure to allergens (like dust mites and pollen) and to other outdoor air pollutants. As a therapeutic place, Misurina helps to improve management of asthma with reduced use of medication and drugs.[br]

Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of childhood asthma: therapeutic pathways

L’ISTITUTO PIO XII - Centro di diagnosi, cura e riabilitazione dell’asma infantile

Pio XII Institute offers specialized services for diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative hospital stays. Suitable and healthy living conditions of Misurina help strengthen an asthmatic child’s Breathing muscles. Children are constantly monitored by our expert medical team, they learn how  to cope with their symptoms by pratcticing physical activity and following an individualized health education project.

Health improvement programme

Our therapeutic pathway are planned to positively influence the quality of life of asthmatic children and their families, by improving health conditions, saising self-awareness of symptomps and providing a self-management plean.